Huafeng Weiye Compangy Nigeria Project Establishes Maintenance Company to Conduct Maintenance Activities


  On July 11th, 2014, the Maintenance Company of Nigeria O&M Project was founded and this signifies a big step of Huafeng Weiye Company to expand its market share in Nigeria electric market.
  The Maintenance Company faces a big challenge upon its establishment: the Nigeria Project will conduct the intermediate maintenance of #1 combustion engine, the installation of #3 main transformer, the intermediate maintenance of #8 combustion engine and the overhaul of #6 combustion engine and so on.
  This maintenance task involves many items and projects and the time duration is long; in order to make sure the smooth maintenance, with the guidance of the Nigeria project, the Maintenance Company made a detailed plan to guide the maintenance. The staff in the Maintenance Company will conduct the maintenance with great care and commitment in accordance with the plan in spite of the lack of tools and staff and the harsh weather.
  By now, the installation of #3 main transformer and the intermediate maintenance of #8 combustion engine is being conducted smoothly at the same time. The site is organized in great order and the maintenance work is proper and standard. The Owner thinks highly of the work and the maintenance staff of Huafeng Weiye Staff.