The Fourth Batch of NAPTIN Students in Nigeria Project of Huafeng Weiye Company Successfully Finishes Their Training


  From July 6th to July 19th, the two-week training of 19 NAPTIN students in the SEPCOIII-PACIFIC Electric Power Training Center of Nigeria Project of Huafeng Weiye Company comes to a successful end.
  There was an Opening Ceremony on the morning of July 1st and Mr. Ola, the representative of Phrase I Project and Mr. Enomhonse, the project manager of Phrase II project were present at the ceremony. Mr. Peng Hong, the Nigeria Project Manager gave a speech.
  Mr. Peng Hong pointed out in his speech that there had been already 3 batches of students who had successfully finished their training in SEPCOIII-PACIFIC Electric Power Training Center; many of them contributed to the local electric development. The Nigeria Project also improved the center with more equipment and more experienced teachers. He hoped that this batch of students could learn lots knowledge and improved their professional competence in order to make contributions to the electric development of Nigeria.
  On July 6th, the 19 student entered the project to begin their training. The project leaders and the leaders of General Department, HSE Department, and Business Department coordinated and made plans to ensure the successful training. This time the training was adjusted to better serve the students and the local teachers made it easier for the students to understand what they learnt; the standard training materials allowed students to review what they had learned in their own time. The simulator system was put into service, giving the students opportunities to practice what they learnt. The Completion Ceremony on July 19th signified the successful training.
  After getting their certificates, the students took pictures with their teachers. Student AVAR - TSUE TAVERSHIMA said: “the training is very interesting and I learnt a lot from this training. We cannot learn this from any other institutes in Nigeria. And the simulator system really opened my eyes and I will recommend my colleagues to come here for training. This place is really amazing. I am grateful for the SEPCOIII-PACIFIC Electric Power Training Center”
  The trainings contributed to the Nigeria electric development as well as raising the brand recognition of our company in Nigeria and the brand value of SEPCOIII. In the future, the Nigeria Project will enhance its cooperation with NAPTIN and publicize to attract more students, building SEPCOIII-PACIFIC Electric Power Training Center into a top-class electric training institute in Nigeria.