First Term of O&M Training of Iraq Salah-al-Din Project Successfully Finishes


  From August 7th to 10th , Huafeng Weiye Company successfully holds the first term of O&M training of Iraq Salah-al-Din Project. The employees of the EPC contractor of this project, CMEC took part in the training.
  Iraq Salah-al-Din Project is a 2X630MW oil-and-gas-fired project with CMEC as its EPC contractor. Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible for the commissioning, O&M training and trial operation of this project. This training is the first part of O&M training.
  According to the training plan, the CMEC team (about 30 people) first took part in the site training at a power plant. The CMEC staff visited the main power plant structure, CCR and demineralizing and saline water conversion room and took part in the lectures about thermal power plants and safety knowledge in a power plant. In the next two days, the CMEC staff took part in the simulator training in the simulator demonstration room. Three training coaches gave lectures about the simulator and major system in disciplines like steam turbine, boiler and electrical and demonstrated the process from the unit startup to grid connection.
  During the training, Manager Bai from CMEC and the management team of Huafeng Weiye Company exchanged their ideas about the cooperation and the progress of the Iraq Salah-al-Din Project and reached a consensus. Manager Bai thought highly of the O&M training, especially the advanced simulator training of Huafeng Weiye Company, and he appreciated training results and the efforts Huafeng Weiye Company put into this training.
  According to the agreement, this training is the first term of the whole training plan. In the near future, Huafeng Weiye Company will conduct training for the Owner staff of the Iraq Salah-al-Din Project. This successful training deepened the understanding and trust between the two companies and laid solid foundation for the future cooperation between the two companies.