Huafeng Weiye Company Holds the Lab Opening Ceremony of Chemical Cleaning Centre


  At 11:18 on August 19th, Huafeng Weiye Company held the lab opening ceremony of Chemical Cleaning Centre in Haier High-tech Business Park. General Manager Mr. Ni Jiawei attended the ceremony and made a significant speech which presented his congratulation for the official application of the lab and his emphasis on the effect of it which is the first standardized lab of Huafeng Weiye Company. The establishment of this lab has a magnificent influence for the scientific and technological achievement and perfects parts of commissioning, operation and maintenance. The application of the chemical cleaning lab is a milestone in the company’s development. Manager Ni also emphasized the need of lab’s construction and advancement with the hope of making the Chemical Cleaning Centre a new profitable part.
  Vice Manager Mr. Shi Huaiwei and other department leaders were present at the ceremony.
  Huafeng Weiye Company has adjusted the business into commissioning, operation and maintenance and also developed the chemical cleaning business since the beginning of 2014. On May 30th the Chemical Cleaning Centre was established officially. Then the work has been done for constructing the lab including the elaborate preparation and hundreds of thousands of money, and finally the construction of the lab was finished and could be used from April 19th, 2014.
  At present there are large pickling pump station, dynamic pickling simulation test rig, and various equipment needed by chemical cleaning tests. Pickling simulation tests and cleaning reagent inhibition tests can provide technological support for chemical cleaning projects. And the lab can provide a hardware foundation for the company successfully assessed chemical thermal cleaning equipment qualification of power plant.
  The establishment of the Chemical Cleaning Centre and the application of the lab have strategic significance for expanding company’s business, perfecting development strategy and achieving the vision of becoming the first-class enterprise in electric commissioning, operation and maintenance.