Good News: Huafeng Weiye Company Successfully Passes SGS Reexamination


  On October 22nd, 2014, Huafeng Weiye Company successfully passed the SGS reexamination of quality, safety and environment, and that means the conformance and effectiveness of our management system has got general consent from the audit experts of SGS Company.
  From 20th to 22nd of October, three experts from SGS Company (Qingdao Branch) visited Huafeng Weiye Company and carried out reexamination work in the fields of QMS, OHSAS and EMS for three days. There were three parts including the first audit meeting, site audit in Ningde Project and close audit meeting in the whole audit period.
  On the noon of October 20th, the first audit meeting was taken in the meeting room on Floo16 of Building A, HTG Tower, and Mr. Ni Jiawei, General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, Mr. Li Shanggang, Deputy General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, and managers of main departments attended the meeting. Mr. Ni Jiawei introduced our company in aspects of company profile, situation of constructions in process, MS documentation, operation situation and continuous improvement situation. After that, the experts audited our management system of each department. Companied by Mr. Li Shanggang, the experts audited the Ningde Project from 21st to 22nd of October, deeply audited the commissioning operation situation of the project, on-site commissioning instruments management and commissioning programme and relevant files, and communicated with relevant staff about the audit result. On the afternoon of 22nd, the final meeting was held in the head office. Ms. Fan Jingjing, the leader of the audit team, expressed that by doing the audit, they found the leaders of Huafeng Weiye Company have been paying high attention to company management, the company has a perfect team with abilities of organising and execution, the company developed quickly and comprehensively, and the management system of the our company can meet the requirements of the three systems in quality, safety and environment. So they agreed to recommend our company to keep using the authentication certificate and announced that Huafeng Weiye Company has passed the reexamination without non-conformance term, which means the audit work achieved great success and the company passed the SGS reexamination in quality, safety and environment.
  In the next step, our company will improve the management system according to the disadvantages found in the audit and the suggestions made by the audit team and promote the QMS, OHSAS and EMS to be operated steadily and effectively.