Huafeng Weiye Company Successfully Completes Chemical Cleaning Task for #2 of Inner Mongolia Qipanjing Project


  On November 19th, 2014, Huafeng Wieye Company Chemical Cleaning Center successfully finished the chemical cleaning task for #2 of Inner Mongolia Qipanjing Project and got acceptance from the owner. This is the first chemical cleaning project taken and finished in domestic since the date of establishing the Chemical Cleaning Center on May 30th in this year.
  The Inner Mongolia Erdos High-Tech Materials Co., Ltd. 2×330MW Power Station Project locates at the Qipanjing industrial zone of Inner Mongolia Etuke Banner. Huafeng Weiye Compnay took over the chemical cleaning business of the #2 of this project. Seeing the business as the first chemical cleaning task in domestic, the leaders of our company paid great attention, planned carefully, and sent four experienced commissioning engineers to the site to communicate with the owner and construction team. The erection team went to the site on October 17th for doing the work. The engineers developed the spirit of ‘initiative, responsible, insist’, overcame difficulties including terrible environment, strict requirement, tight work period and lack of people,  finished a lot of works including design, erection, alkaline cleaning, acid cleaning, demolition and acceptance of temporary pipes, completed the chemical cleaning task outstandingly, showed their professional  quality and team spirit, and won recognition from all aspects.
  This project is the first chemical cleaning project in domestic, so there were queries about the aptitude and capability to our company. Facing with the queries, the engineers of Huafeng Weiye Company did not give up, obeyed the management of the project, worked hard for every detail, finished the alkaline cleaning task on 6th, November, and won recognition from the owner and supervisors. However, the date of doing the acid cleaning, November 15th, is the same date of doing the alkaline cleaning for #1 which was taken by TEPC, and the demineralized water could not satisfy the needs for two companies. Under this situation, the owner promised to insure the need for the acid cleaning of #2, which means they highly appreciated the capability of Huafeng Weiye Company. The engineers of Huafeng Weiye Company worked hard more than 50 hours and made the owner and supervisors satisfied with great job in both alkaline cleaning and acid cleaning.
  The successful completion of chemical cleaning task for Qipanjing #2 organized a strong chemical cleaning team for our company and also made firm foundation for applying chemical cleaning qualification to our company.