Party Members in Huafeng Weiye Company Participate SEPCOIII OPB (No.1) Meeting


  On the afternoon of 18th, Dec, 2014, Huafeng Weiye Company organized party members in the head office to attend the meeting for the probationary party member to be a formal communist held by OPB (No.1). The meeting was hosted by Ms. Zhou Wei, Secretary of OPB (No.1).
  As a probationary party member, Li Zhong, a employee in Huafeng Weiye Company SA Project, joined the party strictly following the Party member development program on the meeting. Due to the reason of working abroad, Li Zhong read his probation application by using the internet; Mr. Ni Jiawei, General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, announced the view of Li Zhong’s probation matters. All the representatives participating in the meeting agreed to Li Zhong becomimg a formal party member.
  Ms. Zhou Wei, Secretary of OPB (No.1), congratulated the new members and hoped them can continuously improve their ability and work for “third Venture”, so as to realize the goal of “lead the EPC business in the world”.
  During the meeting, the party also jointly watched CCTV recorded on December 13, “the Nanjing massacre victims’ national symbol of ceremony” video clips. All members of OPB (No.1) more firmly to remember history, don't forget the past, cherish peace and create the future position.
  This meeting increased the quality of party members in Huafeng Weiye Company, enhanced their feelings of patriotism, and also means that the works of party and politics in Huafeng Weiye Company is becoming better and better.