Huafeng Weiye Company Organizes Staff to Study New <Law of Safe Production>


  he new Law of Safe Production was implemented from December 1st of 2104. In order to popularize the new Law of Safe Production and to enhance the staff’s understanding of the law, Huafeng Weiye Compnay organized all staff in commissioning and O&M projects to study the new law and achieved great result.
  The new law further intensified the safe production responsibility of safety production department and focused more on investigating the responsibility of unlawful behaviours, and it is the important basis and support for improving safety management. The Safety and Quality Assurance Department detailed planned and arranged the studying activity; all the projects paid high attention to the activity and detailed explained the new law to the staff. During the activity process, the leaders of the projects required the staff to follow the law, further intensify the safe production responsibility, focus on the commissioning and O&M safety management and guarantee the successful completion of all commissioning and O&M tasks.
  By studying the new Law of Safe Production, all the departments and projects of Huafeng Weiye Company established the safe production working policy of ‘Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment’ and intensified the safety responsibility of the staff in different class. All the projects will strictly follow the requirements of the new law, deeply promote the delicacy management of safety production, and ensure to accomplish all the objects of safety management.