Mr. Shi Huaiwei Visits Nigeria Ogun O&M Project and Celebrates Spring Festival with Staff


  On Feb 15th, 2015, Mr. Shi Huaiwei, Deputy Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company visited Nigeria Ogun O&M Project and celebrated the Spring Festival with the project’s staff.
  On the New Year’s Eve, the project was decorated with red lanterns and couplets, and Mr. Shi and the employees came to the canteen of the project to make dumplings and dinner.
  At 17:30, the staff of the project got together in the canteen to enjoy the dinner. Mr. Shi made a speech for extending greetings to the staff and their family, thanking their work and support and encouraging them to work harder in the following year. After that, Mr. Liu Shaohua, Deputy Project Manager, made a toast and thanked the staff’s great efforts. During the dinner, the project also arranged karaoke activity and fireworks, which made the New Year’s Eve to be more joyful.
  In the morning of the New Year’s Day, accompanied by Mr. Liu Shaohua and Mr. Nie Chunyu, Deputy Project Manager, Mr. Shi came to the duty office and visited the operators on duty. After that, the project organized various kinds of activities, and a number of employees participated in the activities such as Goji poker game, basketball match and electronic sports.
  On Feb 21st, the project organized the staff meeting to study the spirit of 15th Workers Congress & 2015 Working Conference. Mr. Shi led the staff to study the report made by Mr. Wang Lujun, Chairman of SEPCOIII, and the speech made by Mr. Sun Degao, Secretary of the Party Committee, and then provided several requirements for the year of 2015 combined with the reality of the project.
  Firstly, all the leaders and the staff should develop the working style, implement the conference spirits and requirements, overcome the difficulties, and accomplish the project’s annual work of 2015.
  Secondly, pay attention to the philosophy of ‘site is market’, insist in the spirit of our company, better serve the clients, and strengthen and develop the market.
  Thirdly, strengthen the talent construction, organize training activity, and improve the staff’s quality.
  Fourthly, strengthen the party construction and spiritual civilization, enrich the staff’s cultural life, and make the party members to lead the project’s work.
  Mr. Shi’s visit makes the staff of the project to feel the care from the company and had a happy new year. Next, the project will further develop the iron army spirit, insist in the guidance of the conference spirit, work harder and harder for accomplishing the work of 2015 and making contribution to company’s development.