Thailand Project Celebrates the Spring Festival


  During the 2015 Spring Festival time, Huafeng Weiye Company Thailand Project planned and organized various kinds of activities for celebrating the Spring Festival.
  Before the New Year’s Eve, the project decorated their rooms with couplets, and then made a wonderful dinner for the staff. Mr. Zhao Feng, Project Manager, extended greetings on behalf of the company to the staff and their families, thanked their work and support, encouraged them to work harder and develop the working style for accomplishing all the work tasks and making bigger contribution to the project’s development.
  On the New Year’s Day, the staff of the project came to the NPP5A site at 8:00 for preparing the whole start-up work. At the same time, Mr. Wei, the leader of Datang Company, accompanied by Mr. Zhao and others, visited the project and checked the works. At 20:00 of Feb 20th, the NPP5A unit accomplished its first full load as the gift from the Thailand Project to the company.
  Next, the project will prepare carefully and work hard for insuring accomplishing the whole start-up of NPP5A unit.