Huafeng Weiye Company Organizes Meeting for Studying Workers’ Congress Spirit


  At 10:45 of March 3, 2015, Huafeng Weiye Company held the meeting for studying the spirit of the 15th Workers Congress and 2015 Working Conference at the 1st floor Lecture Room. The meeting was held by Ms. Sun Xuemei, Manager of Administration Dept, and Mr. Ni Jiawei, General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company and the staff in head office attended the meeting.
  During the meeting, Ms. Sun led the staff to study the report made by Mr. Wang Lujun, Chairman of SEPCOIII, and the speech made by Mr. Sun Degao, Secretary of the Party Committee. After that, Mr. Ni deep analyzed the spirit of the meeting and arranged the company’s following work combined with the company’s 2014 Work Summary and 2015 Work Plan as follow:
  1. All the departments should study the spirit of the meeting, summarize their works of 2014 comprehensively, be clear of the working ideas of 2015, find out the disadvantages, and promote their development ability.
  2. Fully understand the potential and prospect of untraditional electric power market, and pay high attention to the market development and capacity building of nuclear and solar PV power stations.
  3. The development strategy of 2014 was adjusted to developing commissioning and O&M, and the O&M Dept was established, so the O&M business was comprehensively strengthened. In 2015, all the departments of the company should continue to support O&M business, and the O&M Dept should further strengthen the capacity building by itself to realize its independent development. Besides, the O&M Dept should make effort to accomplish the O&M contracts of Nigeria Zuma Project and SA Zawar Project.
  4. With the development for years, our company’s commissioning ability was improved significantly, so we have had our own superiority in the traditional domestic commissioning field. Next, we should steady develop our commissioning business, stabilize our talent team, sort out the commissioning files, and further develop the new market. The Production & Technology Dept should pay attention to both the commissioning task from our parent company and the projects of external market including Xinjiang Jingang Project, Venezuela Project and Thailand Project. Meanwhile, the P&T Dept should also perfect the talent team and carry out the lowliest place elimination system.
  5. As to the project management, the objective assessment responsibility system should be implemented in the commissioning and O&M projects.
  6. Correctly understand the situation of market development, cherish the existing achievements, innovate the ways of market development, and further strengthen the force of market development and capacity building.
  7. Adjust company’s self-development strategy as per the parent company’s ‘four-five’ strategy development project, make sure that our development objectives are accordant with the parent company, and upload the adjusted development plan to our company’s intranet. All the departments and staff should understand company’s management systems and development direction, make their own development plans as per company’s development plan, pay attention to implementation, and realize the individual development with realizing company’s new development.
  At the end of the meeting, Ms. Sun expressed the objectives provided by parent company to the staff. The staff in the head office further understood the spirit of the meeting by the study meeting, so the staff will further unite their ideas, be clear of the objectives and plans, make effort to accomplishing the 2015 work tasks and objectives as Mr. Ni’s requirements, to make contribution to accomplishing our parent company’s ‘four-five’ plan strategic objectives.