Company Organizes the Staff to Study Parent Company’s Anti-Corruption Conference Spirit


  From March 23 to 29, 2015, the head office and all the projects including India Cuddalore Project, SA Zawar Project, Thailand Project, Xinjiang Jingang Project, Nigeria O&M Project of Huafeng Weiye Company organized the staff to study the spirits of parent company's ‘2015 Project Management, Technology, Quality and Safety Conference’ and Anti-Corruption Conference.
  On March 23, the head office organized the study meeting in the general manager's office, and the meeting was held by Mr. Cui Jiaqiang, Manager of Production and Technology Dept. Mr. Shi Huaiwei, Deputy Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, Mr. Lv Tao, Chief Engineer, the managers of all the departments and several employees attended the conference. Mr. Cui firstly led all the members to study the conference report and the speech made by Mr. Liu Fashu, Vice President of SEPCOIII. After that, he also summarized the works and achievements on 2014 project management, technology, quality and safety management, analyzed the problems and disadvantages, and arranged the following work of 2015 combined with company's reality.
  During the meeting, Mr. Shi required that all the departments and projects should carefully implement parent company's requirements, improve the management and cost control ability, enhance the technical staff's theoretical and technical level, insist in the safety awareness, and insure the safe production and the quality of work.
  At last, all the members studied the work report made by Mr. Sun Qili, Chairman of Trade Union, the five requirements provided by Mr. Wang Lujun, President of SEPCOIII, and the speech made by Mr. Sun Degao, Secretary of the Party Committee. Aiming at the anti-corruption work, the meeting required the company to build a clean and honest party, implement the responsibility system and establish the long-term mechanism of anti-corruption; the party members and cadres should be honest and upright; and all the staff should improve their political consciousness and professional ability to make contribution to company's development.
  In the following week, the projects organized the study meeting successively, the meetings were all held by the commissioning chief engineer or the project manager, and all the staff of the projects participated in the meetings. All the projects studied the conference spirits carefully, found out the problems and disadvantages combined with their work, and made their work plans of 2015.
  After the study, all the staff understood the content and spirit of the conference. Next, the company will further implement the conference spirit, make effort to accomplish the development goal of 2015, and make contribution to realizing parent company's planning objectives.