Good News: Company Obtains Class A Boiler Chemical Cleaning Qualification


  On May 17, 2015, we received good news that our company obtained the Class A Boiler Chemical Cleaning Qualification Certificate from CBWQA of AQSIQ, which means our company has went into the domestic boiler chemical cleaning ranks.
  According to parent company’s ‘Four-Five Project’ and our company’s need of strategic development, as an important part of parent company’s EPCO industrial chain, Huafeng Weiye Company really need to develop our chemical cleaning business. At the beginning of 2014, our company officially made developing chemical cleaning business as a part of our strategic development, and the leaders paid high attention to it, planned and arranged comprehensively, invested a lot of material and financial resources to carry out the qualification obtaining work.
  On May 30, 2014, our company’s Chemical Cleaning Centre was established, which provided organizational guarantee to developing the chemical cleaning business. On August 19, 2014, the chemical cleaning lab with large acid cleaning pump station, dynamic acid cleaning simulator stand and various kinds of instruments was put into operation in Haier Pioneer Park, which built hardware basis for developing the chemical cleaning business. From Feb 7 to 11, 2015, our company invited the CBWQA appointed training institution to train the staff, and there were 26 professionals including 7 technical staff, 6 chemical analyst and 13 operation staff participated in the training and achieved the relevant certificate, which built talent basis for developing chemical cleaning business. From April 17 to 19, 2015, the experts of CBWQA came to our company, assessed our chemical cleaning business, evaluated our cleaning achievements, cleaning equipment, cleaning technology and staff, and spoke highly of all of these. After the assessment and web-site publicity, CBWQA awarded our company the highest qualification as Class A Boiler Chemical Cleaning Qualification. On May 17, our company received the certificate. According to relevant policy, our company can undertake boiler chemical cleaning business in all pressure ratings and apply for boiler chemical cleaning inspection to the inspection body.
  Obtaining boiler chemical cleaning qualification successfully is a great achievement of company’s operation and development, which has significant meaning of expanding business scope, strengthening technology, increasing brand influence and improving market competitiveness. Our company will take this chance, insist in our enterprise mission of ‘Total customer commitment and fulfill customer aspirations scientifically and efficiently’, further perfect the business system, promote enterprise to transform and develop quickly, and make greater effort to accomplish our enterprise vision of ‘Establish the world-class enterprise for power station commissioning, operation and maintenance’.