Company Finishes Boiler Chemical Cleaning Task for Dongying 660MW Project


  On August 25th, 2015, we received good news that our Chemical Cleaning Center finished the alkali cleaning and acid cleaning tasks for #5 of Dongying Project and passed the acceptance. This is another great achievement got by Chemical Cleaning Center.
  Dongying Project locates at Shengli Power Plant, South 2 Road, Dongying, Shandong Province, and the #5 is the first thermoelectric unit with 660MW in China. Our company took over the chemical cleaning task of #5.
  Since this is the first time of doing chemical cleaning for thermoelectric unit with 660MW in China, the owner paid high attention to the cleaning work and inspected strictly in all the aspects including company’s qualification, chemical checkout, pipe installation, programme checking and cleaning operation, etc. In order to better finish the chemical cleaning work, the leaders of company selected five professional engineers to the site to communicate with the owner and the construction team. On June 16th, the cleaning installation team came to the site. During that period, the engineers worked really hard, overcame the difficulties such as terrible environment, strict requirements, dragged commissioning progress and lacking of desalted water, communicated and cooperated with all the parties in two months, finally finished the chemical cleaning work, which showed our great professional quality and team spirit. On August 1st, the alkali cleaning work was finished; on 15th, the acid cleaning work was finished; the corrosion amount is 16.2g/m2; all these works won great recognition from both the owner and the supervisor.
  The completion of chemical cleaning work for #5 of Dongying 660MW Project is a great achievement of developing chemical cleaning business, which has significant meaning of building a professional chemical cleaning team, expanding our influence in the field of chemical cleaning and further developing chemical cleaning market.