Huafeng Weiye SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project Held a Mobilization Meeting for 2018 “Summer Peak”


For the sake of safety and stability of power generating, steam supply and equipment during the "summer peak" period, the Ras Al Khair O&M Project held the 2018 annual “summer peak" mobilization meeting on the evening of May 16, 2018. Planning in advance and investigating actively, they made scientific arrangements for the work during this period. Zhang Qing, the EPC project secretary, along with O&M team leaders and representatives of all departments, attended the meeting.
At the beginning of the meeting, the HSE Department promoted the overall program of “summer peak”. Afterwards, each department manager read out every department implementation schedules, starting with each department work and combining the actual situation on site to refine the plan and implement various responsibilities. The O&M project team whereafter emphasized the key work and deployment arrangements. The requirements are as follows:
First of all, after the meeting, all personnel of the project department immediately entered a state of tension. All personnel must attach importance to “summer peak” and recognize its importance and arduousness and take it seriously.
The work plan is required to be implemented in practice and in individuals. All work must be arranged, implemented and reviewed.
Second, the core of safety management is "two tickets and three systems." The essence of "two tickets" is to protect the safety of operators themselves. All personnel of the project department must strictly abide by "two tickets and three systems," and standardize operation and safety operations.
Third, make some protective measures in the "summer peak ". Hidden investigation, safety training, duty discipline, emergency management, fire prevention, logistics and other key tasks need to be focused on and emergency scheme is also required to be completed.
Fourth, with the increase of power plant operating time, equipment gradually entered a fatigue period and the project security situation is much more severe than ever. Managers at all levels must strengthen on-site safety supervision and pay attention to the training of personnel safety literacy. As the saying goes, safety is a habit but insecurity is also a habit. Since this year is a consolidate-and-enhance year and we have the “DO MORE” culture, under the influence of dedication and perfection, it is necessary to do everything well and seek a qualitative change.
Fifth, strengthen the propaganda work of the project and commend advanced models to enhance cohesion.
This year is the first one of the new O&M contract of Al Zhair project department. It is also the first year that the project department has fully displayed the first-class O&M team to the SA owners and the Middle East market, which is of great significance and far-reaching impact. The project department will take this mobilization meeting as an opportunity to work hard to overcome the difficulties of high temperatures, lack of staff and heavy workload, etc. We will mobilize all forces and go all out to complete the annual summer peak task, which will in effect show a good image for the company brand of the operation and maintenance.
Finally, Mr. Zhang made a concluding speech, in which he fully affirmed the preparation of the O&M team for the “summer peak” work and pointed out that a good project is the foundation of market development. In 2018, it was the beginning of the new O&M contract. In the year, the work of the project must focus on safety and stability, so the project department was required to attach great importance to the task of “summer peak”. Each department is supposed to cooperate and strengthen effective communication to ensure the successful completion of this “summer peak”.