Morroco Jerrada Trial-operation Kick-off Meeting Is Held


  On the morning of Jan.8th, 2016, Morroco Jerrada trial-operation kick-off meeting was held in the meeting room on the underground of Hongtai Mansion. The meeting was presided by Mr. Wei Kezhong, Deputy Manager of OMD of SEPCOIII. Mr. Ni Jiawei, General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, Mr. Li Shanggang, Deputy General Manager, and Mr. Jia Xiuting, Jerrada Trial Running Project Manager, and Mr. Wang Jinqiang, Deputy Domestic Manager of Jerrada Project as well as other relative staff took part into the meeting.
  In the meeting, the OMD said the main work in the contract to the HFWY based on the work plan and paid attention to the key work, troubles and management requirements. OM manual compiling, personnel dispatchement, operators training and project communicating were discussed in the meeting. Manager Ni said, HFWY would complete the trial operation work earnestly, culture the operation group and develop the high-end operation and maintenance market. Manager Jia expressed the determination to complete the project well on behalf of the project.
  The launch of the meeting means the trial operation work has gone to execution scheme from the plan scheme of the Morroco Jerrada project.