Company Organizes Meeting for Studying Workers’ Congress Spirit


  On Feb 17th, 2016, Huafeng Weiye Company held the meeting to study the spirit of the second session of 15th Workers Congress and 2015 Working Conference at the 1F Meeting Room. The meeting was held by Ms. Sun Xuemei, Manager of Administration Department, and Mr. Ni Jiawei, General Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, Mr. Li Shanggang, Deputy General Manager and the staffs in head office attended the meeting.
  During the meeting, Ms. Sun firstly led the staffs to study the report made by Mr. Wang Lujun, Chairman of SEPCOIII, and the speech made by Mr. Wang Li, Secretary of the Party Committee. After that, Mr. Ni analyzed the content of the report and speech and then arranged the company’s work of 2016 combined with the reality of the company and the arrangements of the conference as follow:
  1. All the staffs should carefully study and understand the spirit of the conference, summarize the works of 2015, be clear of the working ideas of 2016, find out the disadvantages and further improve the development capacity.
  2. Go into parent company’s management system, learn from the system combined with our company’s business, further perfect our management system, build the suitable and efficient system for our company, and improve the scientificity and effectiveness of the company’s management system.
  3. Try harder for obtaining qualifications and try our best to obtain Power Engineering Commissioning Class B Qualification. Meanwhile, follow parent company’s ‘four-five-years’ strategic objectives, prepare to carry out the qualification obtaining works from now on, further enrich the company’s achievement and improve the strength and create the conditions to obtain the qualifications.
  4. Pay high attention to talents and strengthen the talent training works especially for gas turbine professionals. Production and Technology Department should organize the training of GT before June and encourage all the staffs to study the knowledge in order to reserve sufficient GT professionals. In the following years, the company will take over a plenty of projects and most of the projects are GT projects, so HR Department and P&D Department should strengthen the talent training works and internally cultivate talent from the company on one hand, on the other hand, the company will bring more talents from the society to get ready to carry out the following works.
  5. Pay high attention to large and long-term O&M projects, further develop the O&M market, work hard for winning more mid-and-long-term O&M projects to insure the company’s steady development.
  6. Be aware of the important role of primary party organization, further improve the works of party, polity, trade union and youth league, better carry out relevant activities and works, give full play to party organization, and realize ‘party promote development’.
  At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ni required all the staffs to work hard for the tasks of 2016 immediately and try to win more new achievements.
  After the meeting, all the staffs the in head office further understood the spirit of the conference. Next, the staffs will further unite ideas, be clear of the objectives and plans, make effort to accomplishing the 2016 work tasks and objectives as Mr. Ni’s requirements to make contribution to accomplishing our parent company’s ‘four-five-year’ strategic objectives.