Good News: Company Wins Bid of Commissioning, Trial Running and Training Project of SA Yanbu Water Transmission Project (Phase III)


  Recently, Huafeng Weiye Company received good news that we have won the bid of commissioning, trail running and training project of Saudi Arabia Yanbu Water Transmission Project (Phase III) which is the new breakthrough in independent-developed market.
  SA Yanbu Water Transmission Project (Phase III) is the national major project invested and built by the government of SA which can desalt the seawater of the Red Sea and transmit the water to Madinah. SA SWCC is responsible for the construction of the project; SINOPEC SERVICE is the EPC contractor; Germany ILF is charge of the management; and Huafeng Weiye Company took over the commissioning, trial running and training works of the project.
  SA Zawar Project introduced the project and gave energetic support to us and Huafeng Weiye Company communicated with the owner proactively and prepared carefully. After a series of selection and weighing, Huafeng Weiye Company finally won the bid of the project which means that the company realized the ‘four-ones’ concept and achieved new breakthrough in the field beyond power station market which has significant meaning to further enriching company’s overseas achievement, improving the company’s influence in the market of SA and broadening the market developing field of the company.
  During preparation of the project, Huafeng Weiye Company insisted in the concept of ‘owner oriented’ and worked with heart and soul for the owner. In order to insure the progress of project, the first group of commissioning personnel came to the project on Feb 19th, 2016, and all the works are carrying out successfully.