Good News: Company Is Awarded High & New Tech Enterprise


  On Feb 26th, 2016, the company received the certificate of High and New Tech Enterprise, which means that the company was awarded the reputation of High and New Tech Enterprise.
  The certificate was awarded from Office of Science and Technology, Finance Bureau, National Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau of Qingdao. According to relevant policies, the qualified high and new tech enterprise can be enjoyed in many preferential tax policies, HR policies and investment and financing policies, which could promote the company’s management and development.
  The certificate shows the company’s strength of scientific research and the improvement of skill level and capability of industrialization, which has significant meaning of improving the company’s brand influence and developing the external market. The great success also improved the company’s competency in bidding and made the company to be more competitive in bidding of large projects.
  Next, the company will further complete the enterprise technological innovation system with maintaining the qualification and will improve the comprehensive ability of scientific research to build firm foundation for better developing the company.