Company Take Part to Parent Company's 2016 Operation, Maintenance and After-sale Service Meeting


  On the morning of Feb 27th, parent company's 2016 Operation, Maintenance & After-sale Service Meeting was held in the 1F meeting room of Hongtai A mansion. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Qu Yuangui, Manager of the OMD. Mr. Zhang Huanxiang, Deputy Manager and Chief Engineer of the oarent company, and managers and managerial staff from the OMD, Huafeng Weiye Company, PP Maintenance attended the meeting.
  All units reported work of 2015 and main work plans of 2016 in the meeting. What’s more, they communicated and discussed the subjects such as trial operation projects HR requirements during 2016 to 2017, HR status and preparing plan, After-sale service work plan in 2016, Simulator training, Technique identity and authorization plan in 2016 and so on.
  Mr. Zhang listened to the statements from all units and raised 19 requirements of the operation, maintenance and after-sale service work of 2016. Furthermore, he said all the units should pay attention to safe production, management system building, O&M organization, HR preparing and cultivating and the company’s brands improving, to elevate the management level of operation, maintenance and the after-sale service.
  The work experience was concluded, shortcomings were found, plans of the operation, maintenance and after-sale service were arranged in the meeting, which has based a good foundation on completion all work targets of this year.