Personnel training


Our company has always placed people first, see talents as the permanent power of enterprise development, pursue the social responsibility of developing the company with staff growth, take capacity building as the core, pay attention to training high-level talents and technical talents, make great effort to carry out all employees training, improved the overall quality of the team, and organized a team including marketing talents, managing talents, technical talents and skilled talents with rational structure and high quality.

In order to accommodate the development of both the company and staff professional career, our company has always been exploring and carrying out efficient training mode, enhanced overall operation and coordination, built training management system which can integrated plan and arrange, realized the combination with centralized management and professional guidance, and guaranteed the effective implementation of training tasks.

Our company insists in combining all employees training and targeted training and carries out the training mode in different class and covering all members to increase the training efforts for high-level talents and key talents.

Meanwhile, our company constructed a motivation system which can fit both the enterprise development and talents development and can integrate training, evaluation, employment, treatment and development, built a well environment for talents development, and promoted both the effective implementation of talent training and the healthy growth of all kinds of talents.

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