Service Advantage
Commissioning Advantage
1. Superb Commissioning Technical Service
We have accumulated a rich experience in the commissioning of many domestic and overseas electric power projects, especially in DCS configuration, electrical setting calculation, commissioning and trial operation, performance tests, desulfurization and denitrification system commissioning, etc.
The company has formed a high-quality group of professionals and technical staff. They all have exquisite business skills, a rich experience, up-to-date knowledge and a strong effectiveness. They fully participate in the overseas EPC project commissioning as an important chain in EPCO. The company has cultivated and trained a large number of young and middle-aged technical team which has a rich experience in the commissioning of large-scale units. They are very efficient in foreign languages and are familiar with international power projects management, especially in Europe and America. They know very well the international tests standards and methods. All of these points enhanced the strength and potential of our commissioning team.
2. Unique Technical Ability Named "One Button Startup and Shutdown"
Our company successfully developed automatic sequence control startup and shutdown technology named "one button startup and shutdown" through the first 660MW high-parameter oil-fired boiler unit in Saudi Arabia. After one month of effort and research on different documents provided by the manufacturer and long term testing, the technical team finally successfully accomplished 2 units of 660MW. Reached the strict ASME standard executed in Saudi Arabia market, we just click relevant startup and shutdown button in DCS to finish the work of unit sequence-control startup and shutdown. There is no need to arrange operation staff to singly start or shutdown the equipment. This method is undoubtedly providing experience for unit automatic operation, which plays an important role in reducing staffs and enhancing efficiency. Company uses its strength and technology to demonstrate adequate advantages in design and equipment for overseas market. It surely paved solid foundation for Chinese enterprise to reach a high international level.
3. A Professional DCS Configuration Team
Through configuration and technical summary of India Jharsuguda, Mundra, Jhajjar, Cuddalore and other projects, our company gradually formed DCS configuration technical advantages and built a professional DCS configuration team. We skillfully grasp the control platform application in EMERSON, ABB, SIEMENS, FOXBORO, Xinhua and Hollysyscompany and can independently complete various control system configuration work. Our team has reasonable and close control logic configurated with the site commissioning experience. Configuration ability and commissioning level promote each other and ascend alternatively. DCS configuration technology is becoming more and more professional and skilled, which can effectively shorten the commissioning period and save commissioning cost for customers.
4. Matured FCB Technology
We have proven a matured experience in FCB technology with India Jharsuguda 4×600MW Sub-Critical Coal-Fired and Saudi Arabia 2×660MW Sub-Critical Oil-Fired power plants. We are able to ensure that the FCB works and it can be automatically operated with auxiliary power-supply for more than one hour. This surely guaranteed the company's investment benefits.
Through reasonable control scheme of the water, control of the boiler load, steam turbine rotating speed, drum steam level, boiler fuel oil and furnace pressure, it guarantees the quickly opening of HP and LP bypass valves after FCB contacting, and automatically regulates the pressure so as to allow boiler load to drop automatically to a proper loading points. Also, this avoids effectively MFT caused by drum steam level, which enhance FCB successful rate and guarantee that there is no staff interference and that it keeps the unit safety. This technology is improving day by day, which surely showed strong commissioning capability of our company.
5. Matured RB Technology
Since 2007, we have successfully verified our RB configuration and commissioning technology with the completion of five coal-fired units in India and one oil-fired boiler unit in Saudi Arabia. We have accumulated a strong experience in different control systems such as power unit rate control system, combustion control system, water-feeding control system, temperature control system and other auxiliary control systems. Thanks to our rich experience and the application of many units, our technical staffs are able to instantly respond to emergency demands concerning main auxiliary machines. They are able to control DCS and control unit load to ensure the stable operation. About the RB tests undertaken by our company, we never had problems which may affect the unit safety and unit protection action tripping. The performance and functions of unit control system fully reached the requirements. Our experience and high technology are highly regarded by the owners.
6. Excellent Breakthrough in Nuclear Power Field
Relying on our outstanding commissioning achievements in overseas projects, our company undertook regular island, BOP and commissioning electrical part of Fujian Ningde Project. Thirty-two of our employees were affected to work for this project. They participated in the work related to different systems except nuclear reactor, 2x64 commissioning system, 80 testing guideline, 4 system hand-over procedures, 129 commissioning managing specifications and 2x185 commissioning procedures. They were also responsible for commissioning, O&M and overhauling work. Thereby, our company made a breakthrough in the field of nuclear power.