Service Advantage
O&M Advantage

Our company has rich O&M management experience, efficient O&M management system and advanced O&M technology; we also have an O&M team with more than 30 O&M management talents and 500 staff. Our business has been developed to China, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, West Asia, Southeast Asia, etc. We have 14 completed O&M projects, 4 projects in operations, and all of these gave us rich O&M and training experience.

Rich O&M Experience

By doing the power plant commercial O&M projects in China and abroad, our company has owned a large number of experts with rich experience in O&M, accumulated rich experience of power plant O&M, built completed O&M system, and got strong strength in the field of O&M.
      At present, our company has taken over the O&M and training businesses of Papalanto 335MW Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Station, Nigeria, India Cuddalore Phase I 2×600MW Supercritical Coal-Fired Units Project, Saudi Arabia Zawar 12×9F Level Combined Circulation Turbine Power Station and Iraq Salah Al-Din 2×630MW Oil-and-Gas-Fired Power Station.

A Completed O&M Management System

Our company has been pursuing the standardization, routinization, and normalization of maintenance management constantly. In October of 2008, our company got three ISO certificates from SGS Company, which showed our strength in maintenance management significantly. Based on the experience of doing electric power project O&M and overhaul management in China and abroad, our company has established a completed O&M and overhaul management system which fit both the Nigerian and the African market well, and that can strongly guarantee the O&M and overhaul quality.

A Professional O&M Team

Our company has its own overhaul team with rich experience in repairing all kinds of power station units from 12MW to 1,000MW in China, and the members are all professional and experienced. Besides, as a strong supporter, the parent company can provide O&M and overhaul experts with rich experience and professional technical instruction to our company in time.

Abundant Development Resource

With the development in recent years, our company has taken a number of power station EPC projects, and it also established the regional office which cooperates with the embassy and Nigerian local government very well. So it can provide strong support in the fields of professional skill, local human resource and social resource to all the projects.

Comprehensive Training Service in O&M

Our company spent a lot to introduce the simulation machine system to the SEPCOIII-PACIFIC Electric Power Training Centre, set up high-level Simulation Training Room, used advanced dynamic models of power station equipments, and constructed comprehensive simulation training systems and courseware systems, and all these can provide specialized training programme to the client and systematic simulation training to the O&M operators. We also have portable simulation equipments which can help us to make simulation training on site and to provide comprehensive O&M and overhaul training service to the client. Besides, we can provide maintenance training of bench worker, welder, alignment, BRG overhaul, govern system overhaul, instrument calibration, high and low pressure switch cabinet and HV motor overhaul, etc.


Advanced O&M Information Management System

Use the internet to set up SIS and MIS systems to do the remote control, diagnose and guide the O&M states for overseas projects. The experts in the head office will use the system to inspect and analyse the data of the projects with their rich experience, and that will help the project to adjust the trial running and commercial operation timely and will also provide technical support to the site.


Ability of Building Solar PV Stations as a EPC Contractor

Our parent company has strong building, commissioning, operating, maintenance, and overhaul ability of solar PV power station in the field of new energy resources. At present, the parent company has completed the Qinghai Geermu 200MWp Solar PV Power Station Project, and has undertaken the Xinjiang Fuhai 20MW and Inner Mongolia Chifeng 30MW Solar PV Power Station Project. It also established specialized solar PV generation company and got strong ability of building and operating solar PV power station as an EPC contractor.

Reliable Spares Supply Ability

Our company has strong spares procurement and transportation ability. The procurement centre of the headoffice cooperates with many famous electric power equipment suppliers including Harbin Electric Corporation, Dongfang Electric Corporation, Shanghai Electric, SIEMENS, GE, ALSTOM, etc., and it also has abundant resource for procurement. Besides, our group company has more than 30 international logistics ocean cargo ships which can guarantee the spares transportation well. Therefore, we can make spares requirement plan for the client, improve the responding efficiency of spares requirement, and provide timely and perfect spares service to the client.


Based on the abundant resource, rich O&M and overhaul experience, and detailed maintenance management system, the branch company can provide comprehensive power plant service for you. We are looking forward to establishing win-win cooperation with you!