• Name: Guoneng Bayan 1×30 MW Bio-Energy Project
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  The project is located in Bayan county, Heilongjiang province. The boiler is 130t/h vibration high-temperature high-pressure boiler and the generating unit is 1×30MW single-level steam extraction condensing steam turbine unit. The boiler is YG-130/9.2-T boiler manufactured by Jinan Boiler Group Co.,Ltd and the turbine is N30-8.83 turbine manufactured by Qingdao Jieneng Steam Turbine Group Co.,Ltd; the generator is 30MW QF-30-2 generator manufactured by Shangdong Jinan Power Equipment Factory Co.,Ltd with  rated voltage being 10.5kV, rated current being 2062A and rated power factor being 0.8.
      Our company conducted the single system (engine) trial run, subsystem trial run and whole unit startup trial run. And the commissioning quality was rated Excellent.