• Name: Fujian Ningde Nuclear 2×1000 MW Unit Project
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     The #3, #4 commissioning contract in Ningde Project of China General Nuclear Power Group means a lot for our company. It signifies the cooperation of thermal power plant commissioning nuclear power plant commissioning and the contract paved the way for the business expansion of our company into nuclear power plant market.

      The project consists of the commissioning of 2*64 systems, the CFA publication of 2*185 commissioning procedures, 80 testing guidelines, 4 system handover proceduresEESR\TOB\TOM\TOTOand 129 commissioning management regulations, covering all disciplines of all systems except nuclear reactor.

The nuclear commissioning tested our integrated professional competence and management coordination ability. Our learning ability and hard work were acknowledged by the commissioning department of China General Nuclear Power Group. The commissioning of all systems will start at the end of April, 2014 and #3 grid connection is scheduled in January, 2015. All our system testing superintendant (TS) are authorized by China General Nuclear Power Group.

        This is our first cooperation with China General Nuclear Power Group through Ningde Project of SEPCOIII. Nuclear commissioning poses new opportunity and challenge for us and we will strive to be a world class commissioning company.