• Name: India Cuddalore ITPCL Power Plant Phase I 2×600MW Subcritical Coal-Fired Unit Project
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·         SEPCOIII is the contractor of India Cuddalore Subcritical Coal-Fired Unit Project. The two boilers are subcritical pressure coal-fired forced circulation drum boilers manufactured by Harbin Boiler Company Limited and they are boilers with single furnace, one single reheat, balanced ventilation, outdoor arrangement, total steel frame; the two steam turbines are subcritical steam turbines manufactured by Dong Fang Turbine Co.,Ltd with Level Eight non-adjustment steam extraction heating system.

The generator is water-hydrogen cooling, static excitation steam turbine generator manufactured by Dong Fang Electric Machinery Co.,Ltd. The preparation for this project is done and next year commissioning team will be sent on site to conduct commissioning.