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Shanghai Waigaoqiao 2×1000MW coal-fired unit desulfurization project

Detailed introduction:
Name: Shanghai Overseas Bridge 2×1000MW Coal-fired Unit Desulfurization Project
Unit capacity: 2 × 1000MW
Unit category: supercritical coal-fired generating unit
Address: Pudong New Area, Shanghai, South Bank of the Yangtze River
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Third Power Generation Co., Ltd. 2×1000MW supercritical coal-fired generating unit is equipped with flue gas desulfurization facilities (#7 unit and #8 unit), which will be on February 28, 2008 and 2008. On August 28th, the company was completed and put into operation, and the desulfurization project was jointly built with the unit. The limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization process is adopted in this project. The desulfurization rate of the desulfurization unit is 97.6% and the desulfurization system availability rate is 98% according to the total flue gas desulfurization condition of the boiler BMCR working condition. The desulfurization project is constructed synchronously with the 2×1000MW unit. The flue gas system and the sulfur dioxide system are adopted by the system. Each furnace is equipped with 1 set of FGD, a total of two sets. Each set of FGD is equipped with two booster fans, no GGH, two furnaces. Set up a public gypsum dewatering system. The desulfurization system is equipped with a 100% bypass flue to ensure that the desulfurization unit will not affect the safe operation of the plant unit under any circumstances. Our company began to debug the desulfurization project in September 2007. In November 2008, our company completed the commissioning of the desulfurization project of the project and delivered the quality. This is also the first supercritical coal-fired unit desulfurization project commissioned by our company, which has accumulated valuable experience for future work.
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