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waste incinerator

The waste incinerator, leading technology, higher harmless degree, is the ideal garbage treatment facilities apply to all kinds of hospital, hotel, station.
Main Features:
The gasifying incineration technology to be applied to the incineration injector, feeding container and other medical equipment as well as different paper slash, bandage, cotton column, different kinds of medical pollutants and various wastes discharged by hospitals and medical organization.
The gasifying incineration way is utilized and the rubbished produced each day is able to handle the one-off incineration treatment.
The gasifying incineration, mixed incineration, burn-out treatment and other technologies are used to make the content of the smog exhaust and dust lower than the discharge standard regulated by the nation.
Fully seal operation is adopted to be applied to dealing with the infectious medical waste and avoid the secondary pollution.
Small volume and site area.
The series of incinerator are divided into the fuel and gas kind which can be selected according to the different needs of the users.
Main technical feature
1.Furnace body type:Vertical closed furnace combustion chamber;
2. burning capacity:100-120kg/time ( daily burn 3-6times,each time consume  about 1 hour )
3. Ignition manner:automatic
4.fuel type:0# or-10# diesel;
5. feeding mode:Solid waste manual feeding
6. take ash manner :manual 
7. furnace inner pressure: adopt negative pressure design, no back-fire,—3——10mmH2O heat value: waste mix  1500kcal/kg ——2500kcal/kg,0# diesel 10000kcal/kg
9. flue gas treatment manner:
Gasification combustion chamber(first combustion chamber) + blower + mixed combustion chamber+high temperature secondary combustion chamber + flue gas purification room (calcium hydroxide filter brick) +exhaust fan  + independent chimney 
10.burning temperature:
First combustion chamber:  600-800℃ 
 Secondary combusition chamber:1500℃ 
Flue gas residence time≥2s
11.Combustion efficiency: ≥99.99%,
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