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biological padding

Combined packing set of soft packing optimization, overcome the disadvantages of the two in the wastewater biochemical treatment process for the ideal product. It is based on plastic ring as a skeleton, load the whalen, whalen wire fastening on the plastic ring in sewage tow dispersed evenly in the body, the membrane, membrane, and the sewage concentration of good applicability.
1.Padding blocking unit and unit diameter (Φ120、Φ150、Φ200) 
Material: full plasticity clamping piece polyvinyl alcohol hydroformylation silk
2.central rope (plastic rope、fiber rope)
3.Effective length
Combined porous ring padding, plastic ring plate all around 40 square hole, eight hydroformylation silk uniform beam in four weeks. Each bundle of silk in four square hole, such hydroformylation the fastness of silk on the plastic ring is obvious. The powerful aeration of turbulence excitation of water flow under the condition of ideal selection of packing. Porous ring packing and combined double ring packing is approximately the same in the wastewater biochemical treatment process.
(1)、using superior polyene type heat resistance and corrosion resistance to aging polyamide high quality as material , mix with hydrophile、adsorption、heat resistance etc auxiliaries, long time soak in sewage won’t degradation, won’t produce harmful effluence to organism. 
(2) Adopting special wiredrawing, sliver fur process, to make suspended type three-dimensional elastic padding, the padding can fully uniform stretch in effective area, make water、air 、biological membrane fully contact exchange, biological membrane not only spread each wire, keep better biological activity and interspace variability, can get bigger and bigger specific area in operation process, and can proceed better metabolism.
(3)、High specific surface, single side specific surface of living beings carrier padding can reach 320 m2/m3, two sides can reach 640m2/m3, biomass in unit volume is high, can reach the purpose of reduce hydraulic retention time.
(4)Microbial High-activity , the microorganism  membrane grow in padding surface stay in high activated increased logarithmic phase due to padding fluidify collision 、aeration scour , with high removal rate. 
(5)、Suspended padding, exchange convenient, service life above 10 years.
(6)、inside the padding grow anaerobic bacteria, which can generate denitrification effect and denitrification; external grow oxic bacteria , to make resolve organism. So synchronism exist nitration and denitrification function.
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