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Frame filter press

The role of  Plate frame type filter press is make the Scattered cloth slurry system of sludge special design form uniform wet board element in nets face, and multilayer wet combine, forming wet plate. the structure mainly consist of slurry uniform distribution machine、combine exposure paper system、forming dewatering system, blanket cleaning system structure etc, the slurry uniform distribution machine is developed by our company, specialized used in disperse slurry. due to sludge components  is very complex, which contain fiber、many paddings and greater particles. as it need add Polymerization alumina and Polyacrylamide in water treatment process, make it has strong hydrophobicity, forming clustering conglobation, the general cloth slurry machine is difficult to make it dispersion, our cloth slurry machine solve this problem thoroughly, with high extensive adaptability.
The series press filter machine produced by our company is a kind of intermittent solid-liquid separation equipment, which is filter board, filter frame (plate frame type) or filter board (box) constitutes a filter chamber, under the action of the delivery pump, send the feed liquid into each filter chamber, via filter medium, make the  solid and liquid separation. Which Widely used in chemical industry、 dyestuff、 oil 、ceramic、 pharmaceutical、 sugaring、 food、 starch 、 paint 、metallurgy and various industry of sewage treatment, etc。its specifications contain 200, 320, 450, 63, 800, 1000, 1250, 1,500 type, filtering area by 0.5 m2 —— 500m2, filter board structure have plate frame type, van, diaphragm squeezing type; Heat- resisting temperature 0 —— 120 °C, the filtrate outflow means has bright flow, undercurrent, washes, can not wash; Compaction methods: manual 、mechanical, hydraulic , automatic pressurize. Filter pressure from 0.2 —— 1.6 Mpa, the plate and frame material is cast iron、 Intensified Polypropylene、Glass fiber high temperature resistant polypropylene、 stainless steel etc for choice.
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