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sea water desalination plant

system function 
Sea water 35000ppm, for desalinating sea water into fresh water 600ppm
Semi-automatic cleaning and back-flushing system equipped for sand filter,
There is over-pressure protection available for high pressure pump, when pressure is over 6.5Mpa, the system will shut down automatically, and give alarm for attention.
High pressure pump equipped with low-pressure protection device, when pre-treated sea water pressure is less than 0.09Mpa, the system will shut down automatically .
Working parameter (Raw water flow, product flow, brine flow, operation pressure, product water conductivity)
If the product water is unqualified (salt content more than 800ppm), the system will drain automatically and give alarm for attention.
Potential-free alarm and running indication available for extension.
Technical parameter
Water Product: 10m3/day
Raw water: ≤35000PPM
Inlet temperature: 5——35℃ 
PH value of Raw W.: 3.0——10.0
Boosting inlet pressure: 0.1——1kg/cm2 (Positive)
Salt content of product water: ≤600PPM
Desalination rate: ≥98.5%
Product water pressure: ≤0.3Mpa
Recovery: ≈25%
Power supply: 440VAC/60HZ/3φ 
Power consumption: ≈6.3KW(Include boost pump) 
Control cabinet: 220VAC
Control voltage: 220VAC
IP: IP55
Potential-free extension for running indication and common alarm available.
Motor: IP: IP55
Insulation class: “F” 
Outline: L×W×H=1350×650×1750mm
Weight: Dry: ≈550kg Wet: ≈700kg
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