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full automatic dosing system

The full automatic three  cavity flocculant preparation system, it can divide into preparation tank、maturing tank and dosing tank,it can manual control or automatic control, it is mature products In order to introduce the foreign advanced technology professional processing and manufacturing,specialized used in online dissolve、maturing、storage dosing industry.  Its structure compact,it can full automatic operation, the flocculant preparation concentration is  0.1-0.5%. 
  When dose solid powder flocculant, flocculant by the hopper through a screw metering device which can be heated  dose into chemical preparation tank,
  Spiral feeding device start operation time can realize by PLC procedure, 
Preparation concentration can be set by the touch screen controller PLC control cabinet according to client requirements, modified data can be online process, and guarantee solution concentration accurate.
Discharge spout automatic putter and heaters, when feeding pusher opened, automatically shut down after finish feeding, to prevent water vapor enter into dry powder box, the heater can prevent the flocculant in chemical outlet tube due to moisture absorption and plot block, block convey pipeline. 
  After flocculant output from chemical powder compartment, mixing in  the dissolution tank by a jet mixer. When in operation, the nozzle in water jet mixer top spray out water flow form one layer flowing water film, powder falls from top to water film, and drop with water film rotation. In this process, the powder type flocculant will pre-wetted ,to make follow maturation easy. 
Powder hopper has a high low level switch, when powder position lower or higher than the set low position, the position probe gives an alarm lights and start the alarm.
 There are three liquid switch in solution tank, it is high liquid level、low liquid level and very low liquid level. When in normal working condition between in high-low liquid level, when in low liquid level, system will automatic start 
 Inlet water Solenoid valve, at the same time, start dry powder feeding motor and mixing motor; it stop influent water and stop feeding in high liquid level 
  PLC program according to chemicals preparation concentration automatic calculate out the powder dosage, feeding motor is automatic control by PLC, such operating manner can better to better guarantee steady chemical solution.
 When appear abnormal situation, the system will automatic stop operating and give out alarm signal. All fault information all state in touch screen information center, convenient for dealing. 
When low liquid level, system will automatic alarm and stop pump, such design in order to protective dosing pump in the water-break situation, prevent dosing pump extraction. 
In influent water system configured with high-performance flow detector, it output  real-time influent water flow rate signal,system adopt servo technology, PLC adjust the dry powder dosage any time according to influent water flow rate variation, to guarantee system preparation concentration accurate, in additional, system in the condition of  without water or low flow rate , the feeding reducer will automatic stop operating, avoid waste chemical, reduce operating cost and convenient for automatic management.
  Dry powder can chose vacuum feeding machine, suction into dry powder tank from bag directly, automatic alarming when in high liquid level.
 Whole electric cabinet ’operation panel simple, in the panel set 7” true color 
Touch screen control display and urgent stop button, in display screen friendly interface it can directly state each components operation condition and parameter, 
It can convenient online modified all equipments operation parameters, set solution preparation concentration random. All components operation condition、parameter、
Fault condition is obvious, greatly convenient user application and management. 
  The system can supply above machine operation working condition signal/fault 
Signal, or according to client requirements supply DP communication.
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