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rotary type mechanical bar screen

YMGS serial rotary mechanical bar screen (grilling spotter) is a kind of solid-liquid separation device, which can continuous automatic eliminate all kinds of figure sundries in the fluid, which can as a special equipment widely used in urban sewage treatment,water supply industry,, electric plant water inlet, at the same time, it can be as a essential special equipment in the production processing of  textile, food processing,, paper making, leather etc industry, it is  the most  advanced  Solid-liquid separation equipment in china. Rotary bar screen machine also called bar grilling spotter.
YMGS serial rotary bar screen mainly composed of driven device、rake tooth facility 、Flush facility etc, which is assembled to be a group of rotary grille chain by a unique rake tooth, driven by Motor reducer, the  rake tooth chain going  Rotary motion as reverse flow.
When the rake tooth chain operate to upside of equipment, due to the guiding of Geneva wheel and curve, which produce the relative self-cleaning motion between each group rake tooth, most of the solid drop down by gravity. Another parts clean up the sundries sticking in the rake tooth by sweeper ‘s Reverse movement.
Rake tooth chain similar to bar screen by water flow direction, the rake tooth clearance which assembled in rake tooth chain shaft can be chose according to usage condition. Which can guarantee the water flow pass by smoothly after the rake tooth separate the suspended solid in the fluid. the whole process can be continuous and intermittent. 
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