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Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant



With economic and population growth, nature pollution is more and more valued by people, based on summary of domestic sewage treatment equipment operation experience at home and abroad ,combine our company’s scientific achievements and engineering practice, designed a whole set of organic wastewater treatment equipment which can be buried underground, which adopted the advanced technique and manufacturing technology at home and abroad 1n late of 1990s,produed the LHC series of sewage treatment equipment, which main raw material is fiberglass, stainless steel, its main purpose is make the domestic sewage and similar industrial organic sewage to achieve user's emissions standards after disposed by this equipment. This equipment mainly used in treating domestic sewage in Residential area (including villa district)、 senior hotel 、complex office and various of public hospital buildings, the water quality can achieve national emission standard after treated by the equipment. A full set of equipment can be buried in the ground, is also known as "integrated waste water treatment equipment." 
our integrated wastewater treatment equipment adopt international advanced biological treatment processes, set to remove BOD5, COD, NH3-N in one, with the advantage of Technical performance stable and reliable, good treatment effect, save investment, small occupy area, and easy maintenance.
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