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Officers from Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of American Embassy in Morocco visit Morocco Jerada Project

Number of visits: Date:4/15/2019 09:28 AM
At local time April 11, 2019, accompanied by the owners, personnel from Bureau of Power and Water Resources of Morocco, Mr. Mustapha EL GAMRA and Mr. Ryan GUIRLINGER from the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of American Embassy in Morocco visited Morocco Jerada Project. Mr. Yu Lianshui, Deputy Manager of the EPC Project, and Mr. Li Qiusheng, Deputy Secretary of Huafeng Weiye Company No.3 Party Branch gave reception to the guests. 
They firstly watched the video of introducing the company business and the project and then communicated with each other about project management and business development in Morocco.
Mr. Mustapha EL GAMRA said that he is really impressed by the Chinese design, equipment and standards in Morocco and the international standardized made-in-china things.
He also visited the site accompanied by the project leaders to detailed know the safety, quality, technology and operation of the project and spoke highly of the standardized and fine management.
Morocco Jearada 1×350MW Supercritical Coal-fired Power Plant Project is the first EPCOM project constructed by Chinese company in Morocco. It was handed over to the owner on December 18 of 2017, 13 days in advance, and was put into operation for commercial operation. The unit was safely and stably operated for 8,751 hours in 2018 with 27.4 hundred million kWh and all the qualified performance index, which won recognition and appreciation from the owner.
As the beginning of the cooperation between China and Morocco in the field of electric power engineering, the successful project relieved the power pressure of eastern part of Morocco but also made great contribution to power construction and economic development and environmental protection, which set up a good image of Chinese company.

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