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Luneng Haixi CSP Project Commissioning Team Organizes Speech Competition

Number of visits: Date:4/11/2019 09:28 AM
In order to deeply implement the spirit of Regulation Improvement Year, create a better cultural atmosphere of safety and improve the staff’s safety awareness, on the evening of April 8, 2019, the commissioning team of Luneng Haixi CSP Project organized a speech competition of “everybody in regulation”.
At the beginning of the competition, the commissioning manager emphasized the importance of regulation and safety and made requirements on activity measures of Regulation Improvement Year and the safety management of recent commissioning works.
After that, 10 competitors made speeches one by one and expressed their ideas. Finally, Mr. Xiao Zhuang won the first prize with his wonderful speech.
The activity spread the spirit of Regulation Improvement Year, enriched the staff’s cultural life and also built firm foundation for safety management. Next, the commissioning team will further strengthen the staff’s safety awareness and work harder to insure the safe production.

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