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Contract Signed! Long-term O&M Contract of Morocco Jerada 1×350MW Supercritical Thermal Power Station

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At local time 13:00 of July 17th, 2017, the long-term O&M contract of Morocco Jerada 1×350MW Thermal Power Station Project was signed at Rabat witnessed by the leaders of ONEE and SEPCOIII Jerada EPC project.
The project locates at 60km away from Oujda south and 120km away from Nador, Mediterranean. The project owner is ONEE, who is the leading sector of power station investment, construction and management for Morocco and takes the responsibility of the management of national power station, grid and potable water. Huafeng Weiye Company takes over the tasks of project commissioning and trial running and our team’s professional jobs and efficient management won recognition from the owner.
The success of signing the contract shows the recognition of the efficient management and implementation from the Morocco government to the company, fully displays our competitiveness in the power field of Morocco and also builds firm foundation for the long-term cooperation between ONEE and the company.
Next, the project team will comply with the contract requirements, carefully plan and prepare, promote the project works, make sure to implement the project, make the Morocco Jerada O&M Project to be another brand to deeper develop the international O&M market and make contribution to the O&M business development to the company.