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SA Zawar O&M Project Held Basketball Match to Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival

Project news
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InordertocelebratetheMid-autumnFestival,toenrichemployees’lifeandtoimprovetheteamspirit,onSeptember19th,2015,SAZawarO&MProjectheldtheBasketballMatch.    Theprojectleadersandemployeesstronglysupportedt
  In order to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival, to enrich employees’ life and to improve the team spirit, on September 19th, 2015, SA Zawar O&M Project held the Basketball Match.
  The project leaders and employees strongly supported the match and participated into the match positively. At 19:45, the match was started. The wonderful match won great cheers from the audience and also showed the good spirit of Huafeng Weiye staffs. Finally, the Operation No.1 Team won the champion.
  Through the match, the project implemented company’s working concept, brightened the atmosphere in the project, enhanced the cohesion of the O&M team, and also promoted to better finishing the production task of the next half year.