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Xinjiang Karamay O&M Project Organizes Staffs to Join Presentation Activity of Rozi Maimaiti Bake

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Inordertocreatethegoodstudyingatmosphere,XinjiangKaramayO&MProjectorganizedthestaffstolistentothepresentationmadebyRoziMaimaitiBake,thenationalmodelworker.    Onthepresentationactivity,Mr.Baketoldhiss
  In order to create the good studying atmosphere, Xinjiang Karamay O&M Project organized the staffs to listen to the presentation made by Rozi Maimaiti Bake, the national model worker.
  On the presentation activity, Mr. Bake told his studying and working experience to the audience, warned them that knowledge is power, and shared his experience of overcoming the language difficulty and awarded “National Skill Expert” and his proud mood of helping his four little brothers to study.
  After the presentation activity, the project staffs improved a lot on their spirit and thought, which builds firm foundation for the following works of the project.