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SA Zawar O&M Project Organizes Safety Open Class for Safety Production Month

Project news
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  In order to implement activity programme of safety production month, consolidate the activity effect, improve the staffs’ safety awareness and skill, SA Zawar O&M Project organized safety open class at 19:00 of June 19th, 2016. Mr. Zou Zhiyong, Project Manager, held the activity, and more than 20 staffs including leader, engineers and operators participated in the class.
  On the class, Mr. Zou explained the knowledge and principles of safety in detail combined with typical accidents and the reality of the project. Mr. Zou required all the leaders, engineers and staffs to build safety production awareness and to absorb and use the knowledge in work and management in order to further enhance staffs’ safety awareness and to form a safe atmosphere.
  The class further improved all the staffs’ safety awareness of the project and made the safety responsibility more clear. Next, the staffs will further develop the iron army spirit, overcome the difficulties of terrible environment, work hard for the summer peak and the 2016 safety production target and build firm foundation for long-term O&M project.