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Mr. Chen Hao, Yunnan Provincial Secretary, Visits Myanmar Thaketa Project

Project news
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OnDecember4th,Mr.ChenHao,19thCentralCommitteeMemberandYunnanProvincialSecretary,Mr.HongLiang,AmbassadortoMyanmar,andMr.DuanWenquan,ChairmanofYEIG,andthedelegationvisitedMyanmarThaketaO&MProject.    Th
  On December 4th, Mr. Chen Hao, 19th Central Committee Member and Yunnan Provincial Secretary, Mr. Hong Liang, Ambassador to Myanmar, and Mr. Duan Wenquan, Chairman of YEIG, and the delegation visited Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project.
  The guests are:
  Mr. Chen Hao, 19th Central Committee Member, Yunnan Provincial Secretary, Director of the Standing Committee of the Yunnan Provincial People's Congress, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group;
  Mr. Hong Bo, Counselor of Yunnan Provincial People's Government;
  Mr. Yang Hongbo, Deputy Secretary General of Yunnan Provincial People's Government, Director of Provincial Development and Reform Commission;
  Li Jiming, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Provincial People's Government, Mr. Zhao Ruijun, Head of Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce;
  Mr. Yang Yang, Director of Yunnan Provincial Health Commission;
  Mr. Wu Jian, Deputy Secretary General of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee;
  Mr. Duan Wenquan, Chairman of YEIG;
  Mr. Yang Wanhua and Mr. Luo Yonglong, Vice President of YEIG;
  Mr. Feng Ke, Chairman of UREC.
  Accompanied by Mr. Zhao Jin, Chairman of Constellation Energy Company, and Mr. Wang Jian, Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company Myanmar Branch and Thaketa O&M Project, the guests visited the production areas of the power plant.
  After that, they held a meeting at the meeting room. After listening to the working reports, Mr. Chen Hao and Mr. Hong Liang made speeches.
  Mr. Hong expected a lot of the internationalization and localization of the power plant and said that he was really proud of the project through the two visits during the construction and commercial operation periods and that the project is really the model of the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor and he would like to introduce other Chinese enterprises to the project for visiting and learning.
  Mr. Chen spoke highly of the power plant and said that the power plant is a great achievement of the cooperation between China and Myanmar and achieved reputation to China and Yunnan. The project solved the problem of the difficulty of household electricity and the shortage of electric power in Rangoon, which won the support of the local people and government of Myanmar. As a model of the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor guided by the Belt and Road Initiative, Thaketa Power Plant makes the traditional Paukphaw friendship be more harmonious.
  The delegation and the personnel of the power plant took a group photo after the meeting.