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Foreign Staff Promote Enterprise Culture to Foreign Staff

Project news
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  With the implementation of talent localization strategy and the growing number of foreign staff, the matter that to promote the enterprise culture and strengthen the staff’s sense of culture identity has become an urgent affair to the on-site enterprise culture building work.
  On Feb 22nd, 2019, Pakistan Haveli O&M Project organized an enterprise culture promoting activity and made the foreign staff to promote the enterprise culture to foreign staff.
  The foreign staff HR supervisor explained the enterprise culture including company organization, development history, company vision, company concept, company values, company business, achievements and reputations through PPT presentation, and then talked about the basic status of the power plant, achievements, system building, system management, productive tasks and the expectation to staff, which deepened the foreign staff’s understanding to the enterprise culture.
  The activity further deepened the foreign staff’s understanding to the enterprise culture and it is benefit to uniting the local staff for the project, which built firm foundation for the following works of the new year.