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SEPCOIII Huafeng Company: Bid Winner of Iraq Salah al-Din 2×630MW Oil-and-Gas-Fired Station Training and Trial Operation Project

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  On June 10th, 2014, SEPCOIII Huafeng Company and China Machinery Engineering Corporation signed the contract for Iraq Salah al-Din 2×630MW Oil and Gas-Fired Station Training and Trial Operation Project after days of negotiation. This is a big progress for the O&M section for the company.
  According to our strategic plan, on March 19th SEPCOIII established the O&M Department in order to promote the development of O&M section and to build a competent O&M team. In order to win the bid for Iraq Salah al-Din 2×630MW Oil and Gas-Fired Station Training and Trial Operation Project, the leaders in SEPCOIII Huafeng Company took the lead to strive and overcome the difficulties and finally won the bid.
  Winning the bid once again proved the competence of SEPCOIII Huafeng Company and this was an effective attempt to independently expand business; this played a significant part in accumulating overseas achievements and expanding overseas market. Next SEPCOIII Huafeng Company will totally commit to this project to make sure the smooth trial operation of two sets of oil-and-gas-fired units.