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Our friends:
Greetings from Qingdao Huafengweiye Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd located at the Coast of Huanghai Sea. Our company is thriving along with the power industry reform in China. Over five hundred and thirty electrical employees who share the love and enthusiasm for power industry and for commissioning and O & M come together at our company to build a great cause.
With the leadership and guidance of the board of shareholders and executive directors, and with the care and support of our friends from various fields, our company continuously grows and thrives after being established. In April, 2008 our company was merged and restructured by HTG Development Group Co., Ltd and became a subsidiary of HTG Development Group Co., Ltd. At the end of 2013 our company was merged by SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation and became its wholly-owned subsidiary and a third level subsidiary of China Power Construction Corporation. Our company is mainly engaged in electric engineering commissioning, O&M and passed the qualification of Switzerland SGS ISO “three standards embraced into one system”. With RMB 20 million registered capital, our company owns class A qualification certificate for thermal power commissioning.
Until now, we expanded our business in countries like China, India, Nigeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand, Morocco, Iraq, Venezuela, Bangladesh and Bosnia and Herzegovina and so on. Our company has much experience and many competitive products with many techniques like FCB technology, RB technology, DCS configuration, “One Button Startup and Shutdown” and so on.
Until now, our company has plenty of commissioning achievements: above 600MW super-critical coal-fired power units, 9 units have been finished and 6 units are under commissioning; below 600MW sub-critical coal-fired power units, 14 units have been finished and 2 units are under commissioning;  4 units of  1000MW nuclear power plants are under commissioning; 16 units 9F combined circulation gas turbine plants are under commissioning; 9E, 6F, 6B gas turbine units, 23 units have been finished and 2 units are under commissioning; bio-energy and garbage incineration power units, 14 units have been finished and 2 units are under commissioning; in total, 66 power units have been finished commissioning and 35 units are under commissioning.
Our company expands our O&M business smoothly. Currently the Nigeria, India and Saudi Arabia O&M projects are progressing in an orderly manner. Our O&M department was specially established to conduct O&M business in corporate system; an O&M team with more than 500 specialists is being built.
After years of development, our company has achieved great breakthroughs and accumulations on company management, business expansion, commissioning and operation, achievement accumulation, team building, corporate cultural construction and so on; the two causes of commissioning and O&M share a cooperative development, becoming the two strategic course plates of commissioning and O&M; and our company has established its own chemical cleaning center. The brand influence of our company has reached Indian market, African market, Middle East market and so on; being professional, dedicated and proficient, our company has become the emerging force in the commissioning field at many aspects like brand, achievements, competence, and management and so on and enjoyed great popularities.
Our company has a sufficient talent pool full of over five hundred talents and specialists from some of the electric field commissioning companies, construction companies and the technical talents and elites form some power plants and electric power universities and colleges; our company has efficient organizational and human resources distribution competence.
Our company owns many advanced instruments and equipments like portable vibration measuring and analyzing device, performance test data collecting system, anemoscope, multi-function calibration equipment, relay protection tester, generator characteristic test recorder and so on; therefore, our company is capable of conducting all kinds of commissioning and O&M businesses like super-critical power units, large fuel turbine generator units, gas turbine power units and so on.
Our company will continue to mainly rely on the overseas market with the domestic market as a subordinate; we will strengthen the competence of our employees and company management, increase the competiveness and awareness of our company in order to achieve business upgrade and bidirectional stretch; and our company vision “to build the first brand company of commissioning, O&M contractor for power station” will surly come true one day.
Our company will always pursue its duty of satisfying the customers’ expectations. Our spirit is based on providing professional and satisfying services for the owners. We sincerely welcome business partners from China and worldwide to work together, and hope to start win-win cooperation.  
Qingdao Huafengweiye Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd

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