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Main Business

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Main Business: Electric Power Project Commissioning; Power Station O&M; Unit Performance Test; Chemical Cleaning; Electrical Fixe Value Culculation; DCS Configuration; Power Station Equipments and Spares; Chemicals Supply; Manpower Export, etc.

Electric Power Project Commissioning

Our company can provide commissioning service for all kinds of power unit including thermal power unit, nuclear power unit, biomass power unit, garbage power unit, solar PV power unit, wind power unit and relevant desulfurization, denitrification and desalination services. We have commissioning experience of all kinds of boiler including subcritical drum boiler, supercritical DC boiler, ultra-supercritical DC boiler, lower pressure and middle pressure auxiliary boiler, HRSG heat recovery steam generator, fixed grate boiler, reversed grate boiler, vibrated grate boiler, chained grate boiler, bottom-feeding grate boiler and reciprocate-feeding grate boiler; the circulation mode includes natural circulation, forced circulation, low magnification circulation, complex circulation; the combustion mode includes Four corner tangential burning, hedge burning, W-type hedge suspension flame burning, circulating fluidized boiling burning, etc. We have commissioning experience of all kinds of steam turbine in HTP, STP, DEC, NHI, SIEMENS, GE, and the thermal property includes condensing type, back-pressure type, air exhaust type and steam exhaust type; we have experience of both the direct air cooling and the indirect air cooling units. The frequency of the generators includes 50Hz and 60Hz. Speaking of chemical water treatment commissioning, we have experience of RO technology, CDI technology, normal mixed bed treatment technology, condensate polishing technology, POWDEX technology, multistage flash distillation, low temperature multi-effect distillation, and RO membrane method desalination technology, etc.
Our company has rich commissioning experience and perfect technology, so we can do the commissioning for equipments, measuring point, interlock protection logic, control mode, installation of every system in a power station and analyse the design of every system to find and resolve the problems and to insure the safe operation of every system. Our commissioning team can make reasonable commissioning plan, shorten the time between each procedure such as boiler chemical cleaning, blowing and unit start-up, insure the safe and completed commissioning and operation of every system, satisfy the requirements of unit operation, and make sure of the completeness and safety of the systems.
Since our company was set up, we have finished the commissioning work for more than 60 units in all kinds, and the total capacity of the commissioning units is 19668MW, so we are the most powerful and professional commissioning company with the largest number and the most complete types of units and the richest achievements. By operating the projects in India, the Middle East, Africa, Ningde and Fangjiashan, referencing the advanced nuclear management system from European countries, our company has achieved programmed and systematic management and executive and urging power what made us to be on the top of China in the power field.
In recent years, by completing the commissioning tasks including India Jharsuguda 9×135MW Unit, India Jharsuguda 4×600MW Subcritical Unit, India Mundra 5×660MW Supercritical Coal Fired Unit, India Jhajjar 2×660MW Supercritical Coal Fired Unit, Saudi Arabia Rabigh 2×660MW Subcritical Oil Fired Power Station Project and participating into the commissioning and configuration works such as Fangjiashan Nuclear Power 2×1000MW Unit and Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power 2×1000MW Unit, our company has owned our particular APS technology and skilled FCB and RB technology, moved into the nuclear commissioning field, accumulated rich commissioning, configuration and performance test experience of all kinds of units from 135MW to 1000MW, and achieved our own commissioning technological advantage.


Electrical Setting Calculation


Our company has rich experience of power system protection setting calculation and analysis. We have mastered relevant standard and specification of both domestic and abroad. And we can use universal power system analysing software such as ETAP. This software is a comprehensive analysing platform for simulating the operation of power generation, power distribution and power system design, which can be used for doing the power flow analysis, short-circuit calculation, motor acceleration analysis, harmonic analysis and protection equipments coordination. In recent years, our company has taken over many protection setting calculation tasks for all kinds of units both in domestic and abroad such as India Jharsuguda 9×135MW Coal Fired Unit Project, India Jharsuguda 4×600MW Subcritical Coal Fired Unit Project, India Marudhar 1×135MW CFB Unit Project, India Mundra 5×660MW Supercritical Coal Fired Power Station Project, India Jhajjar 2×660MW Supercritical Coal Fired Unit Project, Saudi Arabia Rabigh IPP 2×660MW Subcritical Oil Fired Power Station Project, Saudi Arabia Zawar 12×9F Level Combined Circulation Gas Turbine Power Station, Iraq Salah Al-Din 2×630MW Oil Fired Unit Project, Thailand Biomass NPP5A 1×98MW and NPP9 1×135MW Power Station Project, Venezuela Central Power Plant 1×630MW Oil Fired Boiler Unit Project, India Cuddalore Phase I 2×600MW Subcritical Coal Fired Unit Project, Xinjiang Jingang 2×135MW Owned Power Plant, and all of these showed our rich experience and skillful technology.
Depending on our professional team and rich experience, our company can provide professional protection setting calculation service to all power enterprises.


DCS Configuration


Our company's capability of DCS configuration is excellent. By doing the projects including India Jharsuguda 9×135MW Coal Fired Unit Project, India Mundra 5×660MW Supercritical Coal Fired Power Station Project, India Jhajjar 2×660MW Supercritical Coal Fired Unit Project, Saudi Arabia Rabigh IPP 2×660MW Subcritical Oil Fired Power Station Project, India Cuddalore Phase I 2×600MW Subcritical Coal Fired Unit Project, our DCS configuration technology was improved, and our commissioning staff can use the control systems including Shanghai FOXBORO, Emerson OVATION, Beijing ABB, Hollysys, Xinhua, SIEMENS very well and do the configuration from leaving factory configuration to configuration modification in commissioning stage independently.
Our company's configuration technology management is normalized. By implementing the procedure, our company can manage the I&C system engineer station, operator station and the network and avoid control files corrupt and viruses. We also have strict procedure management of DCS control system login, system point catalog modification and modification of system drawing, logic drawing and control wiring drawing, which can insure the rationale and accuracy of the configuration work and improve the on-site work efficiency and quality.


Our company can provide comprehensive training, operation and maintenance services including power station trial operation, O&M training, units operation, maintenance and spares supply, etc.
Our company has three main business including simulation training, O&M and repair for O&M service, and our business scope is about doing power station operation, routine maintenance and repair of equipments, training, installation and maintenance of electrical equipments, equipment technology upgrade and reform service, etc., so we can provide power plant routine maintenance, equipment installation, equipment commissioning, equipment maintenance, technology reform and power station operation services such as overhaul, intermediate maintenance and minor repair for the main engines of coal fired thermal power plant and gas-steam combined circulation power station, the auxiliary equipments such as natural gas station, diesel generator, air conditioning equipments, water pump, electrical machines, fire extinguishing systems, I&C equipments, high and low pressure switch cabinets, DC devices, chemical water processing systems and other auxiliary systems.
Our company has more than 30 key O&M employees and an O&M team with more than 500 people. Our O&M business has been developed in China, the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Western Asia and Southeast Asia. At present, we are operating the Papalanto 335MW Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Station, Nigeria, the Ogun 750MW Combined Circulation Gas Turbine Power Station Project, Nigeria, the Saudi Arabia Zawar 12×9F Level Combined Circulation Gas Turbine Project, the Indonesia Kaltim-Teluk Balikpapan 2×110MW Coal Fired Unit Project and the Iraq Salah Al-Din 2×630MW Oil-and-Gas Fired Power Station Project. We have rich O&M management achievements and experience, so we can provide comprehensive service with high quality to the clients.

Performance Test

Our company can provide various kinds of performance test for thermal power station, nuclear power station, biomass power station, garbage power station, solar PV station, wind power station in different capacities and performance test for various kinds of equipment.
Our company has a professional team for doing performance test with superior talents and rich experience which can finish the performance test as per the ASME standard, ISO standard and other standards appointed in the contract. Besides, our company also has many famous instruments such as IMP, Yokogawa, TESTO, Laoying which can insure to do the test accurately and to complete the work with high quality.
Our company has always been training our team of performance test by using the ways of recruiting talents, organising internal training, inviting teachers for training, cooperating with other teams of performance test, learning the standards, etc. Until now, our company has finished more than 60 performance test at home and abroad and won recognition from our clients.


Chemical Cleaning

Our company has professional chemical cleaning centre and chemical cleaning laboratory with advanced chemical cleaning technology and equipments, professionals and working team with rich experience that can reach the latest international chemical cleaning standard. Now, there are more than 10 sets of cleaning equipments with advanced technology in our chemical cleaning centre such as electrical pulse, gas pulse, electron hole hydraulic, and integrated devices combining chemistry, physics and heating (including 2 sets of large gas pulse cleaning devices). Our laboratory has advanced equipments and instruments such as dynamic simulation experimental platform and precision analytical balance for providing the best cleaning programme to our clients. Our cleaning technology of using hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, citric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric arid, compound acid and amino sulfonic acid as the cleaning medium is mature and reliable. We have finished a plenty of chemical cleaning tasks in domestic and abroad, and all of them achieved superior cleaning effects.
'Environmental cleaning and up-to-standard releasing' is our criterion. Taking people and morality as first and helping the clients to reduce equipment corrosion, energy consumption and operation costs are our concept all along.

Power Station Equipments, Spares and Chemicals Supply

Based on abundant practical on-site experience, we expand a new international trading field for providing various kinds of boiler, turbine and generator spares, I&C system spares, power system components and parts, chemicals and equipment, and others used for electric power station. We own a strong procuring team and mature logistic management to support international trading business.
Supply Details:
Boiler island: boiler ‘critical pipes’(main feed water pipe), heating surface, burner, soot blowers, milling system equipment, fan, valve etc;
Turbine island: steam turbine proper components, bears, gear wheel, turbine HP,IP and LP casing steam admission stop valve and control valve, oil pump etc;
Generator:generator proper stator and rotor parts, station high voltage transformer, circuit breakers, isolating switches etc;
I&C:  power module, controller, I/O modules and other accessories for ECS, DCS, DEH, TSI, TDM, MEH and MTSI systems etc;
Chemicals: all chemicals for acid cleaning, such as EDTA 2Na, corrosion inhibitor, citric acid, hydrochlotic acid and so on and all chemicals for ehemieal supervision, such as NaOH, hydrazine, H2O2 and so on;
Chemical equipment: filterable equipment, ion-exchange equipment, reverse osmosis unit, chemical cleaning platform ect.


Manpower Export

Our company has more than 400 electric power engineering and technical staff, so we can provide various kinds of manpower export service for power station commissioning, performance test, power station operation, power station maintenance, etc., and insure the successful completion of electric power project.



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