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Qingdao Huafengweiye Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. wasestablished in July of 2004. It is a subsidiary of SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation and is a third level subsidiary of Power Construction Corporation of China.
Our company is mainly engaged in electric engineering commissioning, O&M including training, unit performance test, electric constant value calculation, chemical cleaning, DCS software development and configuration. We have been awarded company credit grade certificate; class A qualification certificate for commissioning; ISO 9001:2008 certification of quality management system; OHSAS 18001:2007 occupation health and safety management system certification; ISO 14001:2004 environment management system certification.
The company has a perfect corporate structure. Its headquarters performs its duty efficiently with an adequate major setting and a competent HR team. We successfully set up a Project Management Department, Technical Center Department, QA&HSE Department,Administration Department, HR Department, Business Development Department, and Financial Department. In the Technical Center Department, we established different sections such as a expert section, a boiler section, a steam turbine section, an electrical section, an I&C section, a chemistry section, a gas turbine section, a performance testing section, a chemical cleaning section, a vibration lab, a DCS configuration lab, a thermal system performance testing lab and a pollution lab. Project Management Department takes the responsibility of the organization and management to all the commissioning, O&M and combined projects.
The company is paying close attention to the qualification and the training and development of its technical employees and now has more than 500 talents. We own 4 PMP certified managers, 9 first class commissioning general engineers, 10 second class commissioning general engineers, 130 commissioning engineers, 9 project managers with experience in managing national large-scale power plants and over 50 O&M management elites. We can highly organize and allocate human resources.
Since our company foundation, we successfully accomplished more than 60 units, including the full capacity of coal-fired, gas turbine, large oil-fired, gas-fired, fluidized bed, nuclear and bio-energy units and relevant desulfurization and demineralization projects. We have skills in various technical works, especially in bio-energy commissioning, DCS configuration, commissioning and performance test for overseas EPC project, gas turbine commissioning and performance test, and large oil-fired units. Thanks to these performances we have gained a good reputation andour performance in testing already reached a large scale.
Based on the accumulation of a large experience in commissioning, trail run, commercial O&M, O&M training, operation management, procurements for spare parts, major overhaul and minor repair for units, including Papalanto 335MW Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Station, Nigeria, India Cuddalore PhaseI 2x600 MW Supercritical Coal-fired Unit and Saudi Arabia Zwar 12x9F Level Combined Circulation GT Power Plant. These three projects proved the solid performance of our company in the field of O&M.
Until now, we expanded our commissioning and O&M business in China, India, Nigeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand, Morocco, Iraq, Venezuela, Bangladesh and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are constantly looking for improvement in commissioning and O&M field. Based on domestic market and referring to international standards, we continuously enhance our service quality. We received full recognition from owners and customers and we owned a good reputation. The company brand and credit have obtained a well-known notability in domestic and overseas markets.
Our company will always pursue its duty ofsatisfying the customers’expectations. Our spirit is based on providing professional and satisfying services for the owners. We sincerely welcome business partners from China and worldwide to work together, and hope to start win-win cooperation.

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