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Procurement guarantee

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Reliable Procurement and Supply
The company has an excellent procurement team and a set of mature procurement and logistics management system, and has established an integrated management mode from market development, planning, procurement, expediting, surveillance, to shipping and storage of equipment and materials based on project contracts, so we can purchase and supply complete set of equipment, spare parts, materials, tools, chemicals and other materials for customers efficiently.
Depending on the promotion of the parent company's globalization strategy, the company has established sound cooperative relations with many internationally renowned equipment manufacturers and a supplier resources of more than 2,000 global enterprises, and has established strategic partnerships with GE, SIEMENS, Dongfang Electric Corporation, Hangzhou Boiler Group Co., Ltd. and so on. With the in-depth implementation of the company's localization strategy, we have established branches in Dubai, India, Mumbai, South Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nigeria, Morocco and other places and can more effectively obtain procurement resources. At the same time, the group company owns more than 30 international logistics oceangoing vessels, which can fully guarantee the timely and reliable shipping of materials.
With abundant supplier resources, favorable localization advantages, reliable logistics and shipping, chain-type procurement and supply service mode and rich international trade experience, we can provide fast and quality services in supplying power plant equipment, spare parts, materials, tools, chemicals to customers.

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