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Talent team

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Professional Talent Team
The company has a management and technical team with rich experience in commissioning and O&M, so we can undertake the commissioning and O&M business of various conventional types of units.
In particular, as an important part of EPCO participating in the commissioning and O&M jobs of overseas EPC projects, the company trained and cultivated a large number of young and middle-aged engineers and technicians who have rich experience in large-scale unit commissioning and O&M and are capable to communicate in foreign languages and familiar with the international power engineering management and testing standards and methods of the west, which enhanced the strength and stamina of the company's commissioning and O&M teams greatly.
At the same time, the strategy of developing commissioning and O&M simultaneously combines the technical advantages of commissioning and the manpower advantages of O&M and has formed a unique human resource advantage of the company in the process of carrying out major projects.
The company has an advisory group consisting of many well-known experts in the industry, including commissioning experts, boiler combustion regulation experts, performance testing experts, unit vibration experts, gas turbine maintenance experts, O&M experts, etc. They are all engaged in power engineering commissioning or O&M for more than 30 years and professional and experienced in commissioning, performance testing and O&M of various types of units and can provide strong support and guidance in research, transformation of results, improvement of on-site commissioning plans, optimization of O&M plans and problem solving.

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