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O&M Advantage

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1、Complete O&M Service
The company has built a professional and experienced team with more than 1,000 staff by implementing the EPC projects’ trial operation, technical guidance, commercial O&M and all the repair and overhaul works, and got rich O&M experience and a complete management system. We can simultaneously undertake O&M works for several large power plants.
Depending on the parent company’s EPCO industrial chain, the company is familiar with all the links including engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair, so we can provide complete power engineering service including commissioning, operation, maintenance and overhaul to all types of coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired, combined cycle, wind power and solar PV power plants and realize the maximization of units operation life and the optimization of life cycle cost.
At the same time, the company is capable to undertake commissioning, O&M and overhaul jobs for solar PV and wind power plants in the new energy field. Especially after implementing the Morocco Noor Phase II 200MW Slot-type Solar Power Plant Project and Phase III 150MW Tower-type Solar Power Plant Project, the company has become one of the enterprises in China that initiatively and independently master the commissioning and O&M techniques of solar power plants.
2、Simulation Training
The company has the Training and Simulation Center with a 200m2 simulation training room set according to the first-class standards of the domestic industry, and advanced dynamic physical models of power plants and complete training systems and courseware, so we can provide complete O&M training service such as manufacture training, O&M theory training and simulated operation training to the owners.
The Simulation Center in the head office uses the new-type simulation systems and developed several sets of models such as the models of subcritical and supercritical coal-fired units, subcritical oil-fired units, single cycle and combined cycle units and many fixed or removable simulation hardware, and it can accommodate 48 persons for simulation training and operation practice.
3、Defect Management
Relying on the rich O&M experience of power plants, the company's O&M team has innovatively developed the equipment defect management system based on “Internet +”and using the Internet as the platform and B/S (browser/server) and smart phone APP as the operation mode, and realized the centralized visual management of equipment defect discovering, picture transfer, processing, statistics, analysis and other processes, which can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of defect processing and ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.
4、Scientific Management System
Relying on the EPCO industrial chain and the years of experience in commissioning and O&M of different types and levels of units all over the world, according to the engineering and management standards of well-known companies such as GE, SIEMENS, Electricite de France, and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., and combining the experience in international projects with the good practices of domestic projects, the company has established a set of scientific and efficient commissioning management system and O&M service system of EPC project management.
Particularly, the refined commissioning management method implemented in the commissioning projects and the standardized and programmatic management system adopted in the O&M projects both provide an effective system guarantee for the continuous improvement, the quality and safety of commissioning and O&M as well as the improvement of customer satisfaction and the interests of the owners.
5、Advanced SIS/MIS System
The company set SIS and MIS systems with the help of the Internet and built great information and data center and information support platform regarding to the production and operation information of the overseas and domestic projects, so the head office can timely know the production and operation status, equipment performance and work safety status, which can strengthen the holistic safety in production and resources integration and give remote technical support to the projects.
Combining with their rich experience, the experts in the head office can supervise and analyze the real-time data of the projects’ production process with the help of the systems, and timely optimize the process of production and operation.
6、 Strong Regional Support
The company has set regional branches or offices in the Middle East, North Africa and India, Pakistan, Myanmar and other places, which can provide efficient and strong support to project implementation in terms of professional techniques, local talent resources, local social resources and other aspects.

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