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Commissioning Advantage

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1、Accomplished Commissioning Techniques
Since its establishment, the company has been undertaking all kinds of commissioning projects from 12MW to 1,000MW covering all types of coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired, combined cycle, solar, ICE, geothermal, solar PV, biomass, nuclear CI power plants’ unit and system commissioning, DCS logical configuration, chemical cleaning, complete-set commissioning and trial operation, performance testing and electrical settings calculation, and improved commissioning techniques, accumulated rich commissioning experience for both overseas and domestic projects, and built an outstanding commissioning team with rich experience, great communication in foreign languages and international power engineering management and testing standards and methods.
The company also built great relationships to a number of domestic electric power research institutes and foreign power commissioning companies such as Electricite de France, VGB PowerTech, BES&T and GRUPO SOLARCA and regularly carries out technical exchange with them, which provides guarantee to the company’s advanced commissioning techniques.
Finished Commissioning Units Capacity (MW) from 2013 to 2018
2、Large Tests
The company has finished all the RB, load shedding, load swing, PSS, islanding operation, APS and performance testing without human intervention for all the EPC projects taken from the parent company, which built great foundation for realizing the units’ high automation but also decreased the cost of O&M for the owners. The units’ average annual operation time could be 8,000 hours, which brings great benefit to the owners.
3、Automatic Power Plant Start Up and Shut Down System (APS)
The company’s technical team developed the APS technique after researching the manufactures’ materials, making logics and a great number of tests, and had put it into practice in Oman Salalah Project, Nigeria
Papalanto Project and SA Rabigh Project. Using APS means that the power plants can be started or shut by simply clicking the start button or shut button in DCS in accordance with the starting sequence and need not start or shut the set by operators, which is really pioneering in the field of automation and intelligence of power plant start up and shut down in China.
4、Performance Testing
The company can undertake various types of performance testing including boiler efficiency testing, steam turbine heat rate testing, plant heat rate testing, unit pollutant emission testing, noise testing, dust testing, desulfurization efficiency testing, auxiliary efficiency testing for coal-fired, oil-fired, combined cycle, solar, ICE and biomass sets in accordance with the ASME, EPA and ISO standards. The techniques of plant heat rate calculation, plant heat rate boundary modification calculation and uncertainty calculation have reached the world-class level.
5、DCS Configuration
The company’s DCS configuration team is good at using the control platforms made by EMERSON, ABB, SIEMENS, FOXBORO, Xinhua, HollySys and can independently finish the configuration works for various control systems. The control logics made by the team combining with the on-site commissioning experience are really rational and precise. The configuration capacity and commissioning jobs promote each other and improved alternately, which formed our own DCS configuration technical advantage and also could shorten the commissioning duration and save the commissioning cost for customers.
6、Fast Cut Back (FCB)
The company’s commissioning team has rich experience in FCB. By reasonably modifying the feed water control program and controlling the load of boiler, rotating speed of steam turbine, water level of drum, fuel oil of boiler and furnace draft, the unit could be automatically regulated without human intervention and be operated by auxiliary power for more than 1 hour under the bad working conditions such as black out, which could ensure the safety of units and equipment and the interests of the investors.
7、Run Back (RB)
The company’s commissioning team has rich experience in modulating control systems such as unit power control system, combustion control system, feed water control system, temperature control system and other auxiliary control systems, so the unit load could be quickly and automatically controlled by DCS logics without human intervention when the main auxiliaries tripped. Since successfully verified the RB technique in 5 coal-fired projects in India and Saudi Arabia Rabigh Oil-fired Boiler Project in 2007, all the parameter performance and functions of the RB tests finished by the commissioning team are up to standards.
8、 Electrical Settings Calculation
The company’s settings calculation team can skillfully use the ETAP, an electric power integrated analysis software system which is popularly used in the world, and is familiar with the international settings calculation standards and procedures such as IEEE and IEC. The team also summarized a set of calculation and analyzing methods with rich practical experience and has excellent analyzing and calculation capabilities for electric power systems.
9、 Nuclear Conventional Island Commissioning
The company’s commissioning team is capable to undertake commissioning jobs for nuclear CI. During the process of construction of Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant, the team was responsible for the commissioning of CI, BOP and electrical part and finally finished the commissioning tasks of all the systems except nuclear reactor, including 2×64 commissioning systems, 80 testing guidelines, 4 system handover programs, 129 commissioning management regulations, 2×185 commissioning programs and the related commissioning, O&M and overhaul jobs without any defects, which promoted the project progress greatly.
10、 Chemical Cleaning
The company set the Chemical Cleaning Center to professionally deal with the chemical cleaning, corrosion prevention and wastewater treatment jobs. The company has the Boiler Chemical Cleaning A Grade Qualification issued by China Boiler Water Quality Association and can undertake chemical cleaning works for boilers of all pressure levels and apply supervision and testing to the inspection organization.
11、 Instrument and Equipment
The company has more than 1,400 commissioning instrument that can meet the needs of testing 3 coal-fired units and 4 combined cycle units at the same time. Meanwhile, the company further invested in instrument and software such as rotating machinery dynamic balance detector, power plant performance correction curve drawing software and online analysis, and calculation software, which guaranteed the commissioning works with software and hardware.

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